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Talking to your car: The reality of fairy tale-matics!

Connected Cars

It’s your time to be Mr. Bond!

“By 2020, there will be a quarter billion connected vehicles on the road, enabling new in-vehicle services and automated driving capabilities, according to Gartner, Inc. During the next five years, the proportion of new vehicles equipped with this capability will increase dramatically, making connected cars a major element of the Internet of Things (IoT).”

It’s not just Bond movies even in our everyday lives cars have gone from mechanical beasts of burden to computational powerhouses. It’s a little-known fact that these days, designing and developing a car is more about the algorithms than the engineering. Though mechanics and engineering are important, computing has superseded both of them. There is a difference between building a car and developing a car. Cars are being transformed into mobile computers with wheels. Though the automotive industry is not new to telematics data, the analysis of how to use this data and make meaningful information in real time continues to a challenge.

Connected cars use the internet of things to provide their passengers with connectivity services, infotainment, health updates of cars, emergency braking, lane changing, immobilization, real-time programming the car ECU and an event recorder equivalent to the black box in an aircraft.

A major benefit of the ongoing digitization of automobiles; automobile makers can collect data over the air and provide preventive maintenance and send customer alerts. This provides huge savings in cost both for the consumer and car manufacturers. Insurance companies can provide insurance coverage based on driving behavior. Reward good driving behavior over penalizing bad driving behavior.

The technology is evolving and mandates to address some inherent questions related to safety and security of data over the cloud. The key areas of concern relate to,

  • Data Security

  • Network security

  • Identity Security

  • Device Security

This fairy tale's 'happily ever' after state depends on addressing the above concerns and challenges.A robust system will address these concerns and enable successful deployment of the human-machine interface. Hence creating a richer and safer driving experience.

That day may not be too far away to let you add "The Vanish" feature to your Aston Martin!

If you are interested in understanding how TrakMate can help you in building a robust system for your cars, talk to us!

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