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Workforce Safety Solutions

"We wanted an uncomplicated and reliable solution that will help manage the employee fleet and that's exactly what we got with TrakMate"


A fleet manager looking for a plug & play solution to support employee transportation management for a large back office of a global asset management company with back offices in Bengaluru and Gurugram in India.


The back office operated multiple shifts and provided employees with pick-up and drop facilities. With growing concern over safety the company wanted to provide assurance to its employees about their safety during their travel. They also wanted the solution to integrate with their in-house global employee monitoring system.


TrakMate's TMD200 series with an added weigand interface to integrate with client's HID was the best fit solution for the requirement.

After understanding the requirements, the product with relevant accessories was tested and implemented successfully within a week.


With 24x7 tracking and safety assured the client has been able derive additional benefits such as route optimisation and even an improved annual employee satisfaction survey score with respect to employee safety at work place.

350+ trips every day
1000+ happy employees
100% safety and control
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