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We got a solution for every of your telematics needs. We understand that each business is unique and hence offer tailored solutions to fit your individual requirements. Our solutions are designed to ensure correctness and accuracy of data to enable better decisions that will have a direct impact on your ROI.



TrakMate’s fleet management solutions are focused not just on providing vehicle tracking, mechanical diagnostics or driving behavior, it is an answer to improving your ROI with superior and uninterrupted data quality.


We at TrakMate, understand that accuracy and consistency of data can change the game for any business. Our solutions in the fleet management segment are designed with that goal in mind while enhancing the whole user experience.

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TrakMate's asset management solutions provide complete control over your critical and high-value assets. Our fool proof solutions will ensure complete visibility over abuse and theft alert, letting you just focus on your core business.


We understand that timing is critical in managing high-value cargos, off-site assets, and on-road assets. Our solution has inbuilt features to ensure 24x7 real-time visibility with built features such as geo-fencing, setting perimeter, and remote locking.


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TrakMate's safety solutions are designed to remotely monitor your workforce to protect from vulnerabilities. Our solutions offer uninterrupted tracking ensuring complete peace of mind to organizations.


​We understand that real-time data is a critical aspect of safety solutions. Our products interfaced to an accessory like (RFID/HID), SOS button, two-way communication addresses this pain point typically faced by companies.

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TrakMate's solutions for service companies are focused on optimising utilisation and producing a direct impact on the bottom line. Our solution enables you to manage orders in a timely manner ensuring satisfying customer experiences.

We understand that maximising asset utilisation and on-time servicing are key to your success. Our solution lets you have an optimal dispatch management system, timekeeping and critical alerts ensuring SLA compliance for every service.

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